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Detail Packages

Full Detail Includes:

  • Hand Wash Exterior
  • Pressure wash door jambs, trunk jamb and fuel door
  • Clean wheels, tires and fender wells
  • Remove mold and bugs from vehicle
  • Vacuum interior of vehicle to remove loose dirt and debris
  • Clean all carpets, seats, headliners, dash, vents, center console, glove box and under and between seats
  • Steam clean seats and carpets as needed
  • Clay bar all painted services to remove foreign debris
  • Dress all plastics and tires
  • Machine polish as needed
  • Hand-apply wax to the exterior painted surfaces
  • Wipe down exterior surfaces to remove wax residue - touch up all moldings, emblems, and jambs
  • Clean interior

Does not include cleaning of engine.

Please remove all personal belongings prior to appointment


Starting at

Starting at

Full Detail

Includes: wash, wax, clay, buff, shampoo, vacuum, wipe down interior, etc.



Interior Detail Only

Includes: complete cleaning of interior plus exterior wash, door jambs, wheels & tires.



Exterior Detail Only

Includes:wash, clay, wax, buff, wheels & dress tires



Exterior Hand Wash & Wax

Includes: hand wash, clay, wax & dress tires




** All prices are subject to change upon inspection of the vehicle

Additional Services

Get the Smell Out with Ozone

Starting at $50

Treatment eliminates most odors including:

  • cigarette smoke
  • mold
  • pet odor and more

Ozone leaves no harmful chemical residue

Water Spot Removal

Starting at $50

Removes 90% of water spots without damaging your vehicle
* Water spot removal is for exterior painted surfaces only.