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DigiShield® Protective Mask

Invisible paint protection that keeps your car looking new longer.

What is it?

A clear, tough urethane film applied to the high-impact areas of your vehicle>

Why do you need it?

Digishield takes the hit so your paint doesn't. DigiShield will reduce paint chips and bug damage, while boosting your trade-in value.

The Clear Choice.

Visit West Hills Detail Center and have DigiShield installed by our professionally trained technicians using precise computer cut urethane specifically designed for your vehicle. After installation there is no special maintenance requirements, simply wash and wax your vehicle the same way you always have.

Digishield Pricing

Door Package - $319.00
Door edge guards and handle area

Hood & Bumper Package - $998.00
Hood, front bumper and front part of front fenders

Full Package - $1,298.00
Front bumper, hood, front part of front fenders, door edge guards, mirror (painted only), door handle area

Splash Guard Package - $225.00
Front and rear

Front Bumper only - $489.00

Rear Bumper Applique Only - $179.00

Hood & Front Fenders Only - $449.00

Door Edge Guards Only - $225.00

Mirrors (Painted) Only - $199.00

Door Handle Area Only - $199.00